Paper Chase-The Buck Starts Here!

10 Step Guide on How to Land a Job Interview

Goal: To Capitalize On Your Job Recruitment Efforts Swiftly!

Whether you are utilizing a myriad of job boards, postings, applications, corporate, government employment websites or the antiquated newspaper job listings method; you will certainly achieve responses quickly.

1. Adept Research Required- Review the job boards for the positions of interest.

a. Example: When you are viewing a job on let’s say-via Monster Jobs, Career Builder, etc., read the job description completely. The company will provide you information that will greatly assist you with applying for the position.
Executive Assistant-Non-Profit Organization-Midtown, New York City
Reporting to Chief Marketing Officer-Business Development

b. Look carefully-some job descriptions will include the Zip Code, which will make your research effortless.

c. Save all of this information with the DATE, including details such as Mission, Vision, Core Values in a Microsoft Word document. This way you will remember when they contact you for the initial phone or face to face interview.

2. Go to Google and find non-profit organizations located in Midtown Area of New York City- i.e. (faux company names created below for the purpose of this instruction.)
Rescue Mission, Center for Non-Profits

3. Once you have found the listings of non-profit organizations in Midtown, you then research the websites for full ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.

4. The next step is to locate the Chief Marketing Officer. You will find this information under the tab ABOUT US-Board of Directors and Executive Officers-BINGO!
You are on your way-John Doe-CMO

5. The next step is to locate the company NEWS tab. Scroll down to the PRESS ROOM tab. Click and this window opens the information on the PRESS

6. In the event that the format is not located in PRESS ROOM/PRESS RELEASES- The next option is to go to Google type in NAME OF THE COMPANY and the initials (PDF)-which stands for Portable Document Format. When you open the PDF file, scroll to the bottom and you will see the FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT PERSON-Yes, your mission is almost complete!

7. Next step is to call the local phone number that you obtained from the website earlier. This call is just to confirm the information you have is correct. A gentle approach will work in your favor when dealing with B2B (Business to Business). Remember, you are ultimately selling YOU as a top candidate for the job. Therefore, it is imperative that your greeting is polite with the Receptionist and or Gatekeeper.

“Good Morning, I would like to have the name of your Chief Marketing Officer-please!” You can take this time to quickly confirm the email format and the CORRECT SPELLING of the name with whomever you are speaking with. You can end the call with “Thank you, have a wonderful day”.

8. You are now ready to send a resume and cover letter to the Chief Marketing Officer directly.

9. Should you care to add an extra plug for your candidacy- Add the company logo on the TOP LEFT SIDE of your cover letter.
a. Important Note: It would be in your best interest to also follow protocol and apply online as requested.

10. You are now ready with your Cover Letter, Resume and if you really want to stand out-
(2) work samples to send!

Good Luck! If you follow the 10 Step Process above, you are practically guaranteed success with an interview, and a job offer.

Say so long to the agencies and slipshod recruiters that wasted your time. Investing a mere 30 minutes of research and preparation will save you an important resource-YOUR TIME, carfare to and from the agency, Tylenol Extra Strength aspirin for after the interview migraine headache, Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappacino before your commute back home, and the motivational therapy phone calls to selected friends and family upon your return.

I would love to hear about your progress. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
2015 is the year you will find the job you have been looking for.

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PAPER CHASING-The Buck Starts Here!


“You reap what you sow”- Therefore, sow, plant, guard, water, prepare, harvest and revive.

To plant a source of faith in your mind that will develop into creative ideas and a vision for excellence. I am dedicated to transforming and improving the quality of life for people globally. I will show you how to change your status quo with a strategic plan of action.

Where are you?
Where do you want to go?
How will you get there?

I can guarantee that if you will follow these simple steps, you will win and soar to new heights with modest effort. My goal is to ensure that even the novice of job seekers will master the skill set required to succeed in landing an interview, followed by a job offer. This instruction will become your Holy Grail for potential job offers.

“Follow me; we can create the synergy needed to provide you the greatest opportunities for success”

7th Seed- Spark it up!
Grass-roots: Brooklyn
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